Do you do personal readings?
At this time I am not accepting any requests for personal readings

Why don’t you read reversals?
For me, the cards in their “upright” positions contain enough. Trying to interpret a reversal feels like muddying the waters; but that’s me. Maybe in a single card draw, but I usually don’t do those.

The “small dog” thing, what’s the story behind that?
On the first card of the major arcana, The Fool, there is a small dog yapping at the heels of the traveler. The dog may call attention or offer a warning, but the traveler makes their own journey. That’s how I see my role. I may have some insights, suggestions, or ideas to offer, but this journey is yours. You make the decisions.

Why don’t you shuffle the cards?
I’m trying to keep the daily quick readings to sixty seconds or less, to fit the format for YouTube “Shorts” and the typical TikTok video. I show a cut of the deck, so that you know it’s not “fixed”. If you want to see me shuffle cards, watch my weekly, monthly, and lunar readings.

How come your readings are so short?
Long readings only benefit the reader and YouTube. Long videos mean more “watch time”, and more watch time means more money. You’ve got other things to do, I’ve got other things to do; so I don’t pad my videos with cats, bells, candles, multiple decks, crystals, magic stones, and other stuff. Let’s see what we need to know and get on with it.